Practitioner Only Courses

Did you know that 80% of Americans experience significant back pain at some point in their lives? If you are a business owner looking to boost office morale, increase your return on investment, and cut costs in the process, our corporate wellness program can help you accomplish all of these goals and more. It goes without saying that your employees are truly the building blocks of your business and the key to success. Our personalised and permanent solutions are specifically designed to lower healthcare costs, minimise and altogether prevent workplace injuries, and maximize employee productivity in a major way.

When we work with your employees, we go beyond simply teaching participants how to strike a work/life balance. Instead, we use a one-on-one approach to create tailor-made solutions that guarantee your staff members are in good health and in the best possible shape to work efficiently and productively.

The average employee spends 48,360 hours sitting at their desk at work over a 30 year career, which equates to five years of life! With that much time spent at the office, it’s important to maintain good posture, eat well, and feel good physically and mentally in order to cut down on missed work days, disability claims, and doctors visits.

That’s where we come in. Our corporate wellness program is broken up into four sections:

  • Ergonomic Assessment – We perform an individualised comprehensive assessment where we examine how you sit at your desk, where you place your arms, how you look at your computer screen, etc, all of which is designed to increase productivity, improve safety, and ensure greater comfort.
  • Yoga Therapy – Our on-site yoga exercises are designed to heal chronic work-related injuries, reduce stress, improve alignment, correct breathing patterns, and fix posture issues.
  • Nutrition Counselling – We show employees how proper nutrition is a key