TBM Chiropractic and Sports

Health is important in order to gain fitness. When we workout, whether it is playing your favourite sport or walking around the block our physiology is stressed. This stress during exercise allows our body to grow, develop and mould its physiology in order to cope with that particular “stress”. This is how we become fitter.

People often perceive stress as being something that happens right before a deadline at work. Yes this is a form of stress, but stress comes in many different forms. Stress can be physical, chemical or emotional. Funnily enough these are 3 aspects to a person’s life that need to be well balanced in order for the body to function at an optimal level.

When a body is functioning at an optimal level things like “recovery” from physical stress happen at an optimal rate. Many people find that this “optimal” level means faster recovery and greater gains made in fitness and sport.

So how does one obtain this illusive optimal health? 

For a team to perform to its optimal potential they need a coach that is able to shape and mould them to strengthen weaknesses.

For a body to strengthen “weaknesses” then external help is often needed.

TBM is a form of chiropractic that uses muscle testing to obtain data about the body that enables the body perform at an optimal level. It integrates information about physical, chemical and emotional stress in a way that helps the body process the perceived stress and helps correct the underlying problems much like a coach would for a team.

TBM chiropractic is about achieving an overall improved wellness and is hugely beneficial for any athletes wishing to aid a more balanced approach to performance and/or recovery.