Survive or Thrive

Survive or Thrive: Exploring more effective ways to communicate with those in your bubble.

At this very unusual and challenging time, personally, professionally and globally, the prolonged uncertainty and stress of the current situation is stretching us all on many levels; physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

There is an opportunity here to evolve in our relationships, to be creative and to learn new ways of communication.

Living with restrictions in close quarters within our bubbles can cause a range of emotions to be felt and expressed. Some of these emotions have the potential to create a lot of tension and frustration, that could lead us to emphasise the negative in others and allow us to become more critical of the normally small or overlooked.

A learning opportunity; Appreciation and Gratitude.

Look for all the many ways to improve your own awareness around gratitude and how to express and show your appreciation.

Being appreciated will allow the members of your bubble to feel valued and acknowledged. This can be a calming, soothing and reassuring experience for all.

This action will also help you to feel more empowered around the current situation by knowing that you can influence members positively with your words and actions.

When you make the effort to notice and acknowledge the positive actions, make sure that you let them know you have noticed.  Don’t just give a thank you!

Go deeper, make it more powerful by using a more personal acknowledgement.

This makes a much more positive impact – we all like to be validated.

For example; instead of just “thank you”, add:

You are so…

• Thoughtful

• Kind

• Generous

• Considerate

• Loving

• Attentive

Take time to observe the reactions and responses of those around you and through this, acknowledge and know that you have the ability to influence your people powerfully and positively.

Love and light,

Sue Donaldson

Transformational, holistic coach