Pure Meditation Foundation

At Real Health we believe a calm, healthy mind is paramount to better health. Pure Meditation Foundation is simple to learn and easy to put into your life. This powerful technique will help you be in charge of how you feel physically, mentally and emotionally.
A busy, restless mind can get in the way of our ability to function efficiently and calmly, cloud our judgment, prevent relaxation, cause forgetfulness, disturbed sleep and compromise our health. Worries or thoughts that feel out of our control can lead to anxiety and depression. Pure Meditation Foundation teaches us to switch off the busyness and refocus. We learn to overcome stress, relax and find peace of mind.

The benefits of Pure Meditation Foundation

  • Overcome stress
  • Improve concentration
  • Find peace of mind
  • To help unwind after a busy day and relax before sleep.
  • To improve health.
  • To change unwanted thought patterns.

Pure Meditation Foundation is good for everyone

  • Everyone from all walks of life and all ages
  • Busy people seeking to relieve stress.
  • Family groups wanting a simple and effective way to meditate together.
  • Teenagers/students wanting help with their study and as exam preparation.
  • Business professionals, teachers and performers wanting to maximise their potential.
  • Professional sports people needing help to stay focused and in control.
  • Parents wanting to stay calm and in charge of their reactions.
  • Those needing help with depression or anxiety disorders.
  • People needing to cope with various health conditions.
  • People who are spiritually seeking or wanting more out of life.

How to learn

Pure Meditation Foundation is taught in individual appointments, small groups or classes, either at the Real Health Clinic, or in your work place for larger groups. The class only takes one hour for individuals and longer for couples or groups.
You will be guided step by step through the steps of Pure Meditation Foundation, with an explanation of how the techniques work and what they can be used for. You will receive help with your posture and how to sit comfortably.
The Course fee includes printed handouts for the techniques, a course work-book written by Mata Yogananda called “Self Realisation through Pure Meditation” and a follow-up class. On-going support is always available.