Do my children need to see a chiropractor?

We have seen how effective chiropractic care has benefitted adults and the wonderful outcomes in providing a holistic, non-invasive treatment approach to treat different conditions. Now, not everyone knows the importance of chiropractic care for children and most parents will have a plethora of questions in mind, for e.g. “Why?” “When?” and “How?”.

Why is it so important for children to receive chiropractic care? The answer is simple: Children have spines and nervous systems just like adults. By taking care of the spine at an early age ensures better chances of proper growth and optimal development in children. In general, there are 3 factors that often lead to nerve interference: physical, chemical and emotional trauma. Simply put, from in-utero to birth process and handling error can be traumatic on an infant’s body, no matter how smooth and natural it is, with or without interventions. Can you imagine if interventions such as caesarean, forceps, vacuum etc. are used? In children, this can also incur from handling errors during parent-child play, improper carriers and clothing, neck position during feeding while pre-schoolers may experience falls resulting from plays and activities. These processes often lead to pulling and torsion of the head, neck and eventually the spine and dural meninges resulting in altered nervous communication between the brain and body.

When should I be bringing my children to a chiropractor? Honestly, there is never a wrong time to do the right thing. We often suggest babies and infants to be examined for spinal fixation after birth or as soon as possible. Plenty of researches and studies have describe the positive clinical effects of chiropractic care on children in cases such as colic, irritable baby, sleeping problems, digestive issues, bed-wetting, ear infection, asthma, allergies etc. One good explanation would be the gut-brain connection where nerves in the gut and brain are rather sensitive to neurological insults caused by nerve interference. So, by removing them means having healthier gut which helps increase immune function. Besides, key developmental milestones such as holding head up, sitting, crawling, and walking should be checked to ensure proper development and possibly identify potential developmental delays or concerns.

How does chiropractor help in optimising the nervous system? The first thing a chiropractor will do is a thorough history of your child’s health, complaints and necessary birth information. Next will be the physical examination of the child’s spine to evaluate the problem. One thing to bear in mind is that, paediatric spine is much more flexible than adults and the treatments or adjustments are extremely gentle, and involving very light fingertip pressure or hand-held instruments.

Again, chiropractic care in babies and children keeps them healthier by supporting their nervous and immune system apart from ensuring optimal development of their brain. What better time than now to ensure your children growing up to their fullest potential. Our goal is to have every child returning to their real health. So, feel free to have a chat with our paediatric chiropractor on how she can help your children creating a solid foundation towards a greater health.



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