Children and Chiropractic

Being born is a natural phenomenon. It’s the process in which we are born which has become one of the most stressful, most traumatic experiences of our lives. Forceps, C-Section, epidurals are accepted as very normal in a birth in todays world. All of these interventions put unnecessary stress on both mother and baby which can cause dysfunction within the spine, and the way that the body functions.

Without the language to explain what is wrong, some newborn babies exhibit unexplained crying, colic, sleep problems, explosive bowel movements, attachment issues, lack of appetite, allergic reactions or other difficulties. Newborns and infants will often show a tendency to hold their head to one side or prefer a certain breast when feeding.

These are the ways that they cope with abnormal spinal function and an impaired nervous system. Crying is their only way to let us know that something is wrong. Chiropractors are alert to the many ways that nerve interference can negatively affect your babies’ health.

Many infants and toddlers will rub or tug their ears at some point, a sign of ear infections possibly caused by an impaired nervous system, making the Eustachian tubes susceptible to fluid build up or infection.

If indicated, a series of gentle and specific adjustments are given which can increase the bodies’ ability to heal itself. Many parents see instant improvements in the well being of their child.

Check ups are very helpful throughout life, and are very helpful to monitor development as infants learn to crawl, and take their first steps. Growing pains, nightmares, bed-wetting, and decreased concentration are all signs that something is not right. Left uncorrected during the early stages of development can lead to chronic problems in adulthood.