Animal Healing

Animals Can Benefit Greatly From Healing.

Healing stimulates an animal’s own inner healing mechanism, helping it to come back
into harmony with itself and the environment. It helps to bring more balance
and fosters an animal’s ability to deal with change and stress.
As a holistic therapy, Animal Healing works on the whole being. Quality of life is enhanced.

Healing Can Help Before And After:

  • Surgery
  • Travel
  • A change of environment

It Is Especially Helpful To Promote Healing

For Both Acute Conditions Such As:

  • Accidents
  • Infections, etc.

And Chronic Conditions Such As:

  • Arthritis.
  • Thyroid problems.
  • Congenital conditions, etc.

Behavioural problems are frequently helped by healing; which can help to address the underlying imbalance and encourage harmony.
Elderly and chronically ill animals can find comfort and peace from receiving regular healing treatments. This can be an important part of an animal’s senior or palliative care.
Animal Healing works well alongside veterinary care. We consider healing to be a complimentary therapy to any veterinary treatment an animal may be receiving.
All animals can receive healing – domestic, farm and wild.
Animal Healing is available at the Real Health clinic by appointment.
Please contact reception if you would like to book a healing for your animal or ask to speak with one of the Animal Healing therapists if you have any questions.
Where appropriate home/farm visits are also an option.
If you would like to learn to give Animal Healing to the animals in your life please ask about our Animal Healing workshops and check the “Seminars and Courses” section of the Real Health website for upcoming dates.